Hermann Zimmer

Mr. Hermann Zimmer was one of the pioneers of the Baha’i Faith in Germany. He proved his devotion to the faith by going at his own expense, and at the risk of his life, to Berlin during World War II, in an attempt to have the ban on the Baha’is removed, but unfortunately he did not succeed. He has stated that his friend Mr. Wilhelm Herrigel, also one of the Baha’i pioneers in Germany, was not “misled” by Mrs. White, as Shoghi Effendi stated, but came to the same conclusion by independent study of the evidence, and as a result, formed the “Free Baha’is” with a number of members who rebelled against the Guardian and the Baha’i Organization. Mr. Zimmer also is opposed to what he calls “Baha’i totalitarianism,” and has written extensively against it.


Mr. Zimmer Hermann claimed that the Will and Testament of Abdu’l Baha is a fraudulent document. Shoghi Effendi changed it for his own personal gain to claim for Guardianship. Shoghi Effendi changed the most unpolitical religion in the world to a political religion, ignoring the sayings of Abdu’l Baha that “This religion could not be compressed into an organization. Shoghi built up an administration where the spirit of the Religion of Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l Baha was completely missing. He became for himself a world dictator a power hungry person who excommunicated all the members of the Abdu’l Baha’s family, including his own parents. He abrogated the most important principle of the Baha’i Faith “Independent investigation of the Truth” and called the followers of the Baha’i Faith as “Harmful Elements”, as “Enemies” or “Crazy”.

The Baha’i Religion is altered to function as ‘Shoghism”

What today is presented as the Baha’i religion is, in truth, “Shoghism” – Shoghism, the alleged Baha’i religion, as practiced today – Censorship, prohibition of political activity and excommunication are not milestones for a new world order.

To conclude:

“The alleged Will of Abdu’l Baha was not written throughout by the same person.”

“No part of the alleged Will has the characteristics of the writing of Abdu’l Baha, as shown in the authenticated specimens.”



A fraudulent testament devalues the Baha’i religion into political Shoghism

English by Jeannine Blackwell

Revised by Karen Gasser M.A. and Gordon Campbell M.A.