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This article is in reference to the letters sent by UHJ – An unauthorised and self-proclaimed administrative body. As we have time and again put light on the fact that the Baha’i administration is the biggest enemy of the Baha’i cause and is the root cause of obedient servants of Baha’u’llah leaving the faith.

We have reviewed the letters of UHJ sent during 2022 and would like to point out their clear lies and how they are playing around with the emotions of the sincere followers.

Below are some of the points:

  • The UHJ in their letters hype about the Ruhi institute and their teachings. Can UHJ give an exact number as to how many converts they have found in this process?
  • Who has approved this institute and the study materials being thought to the children or youngsters. Are they the teachings of Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l Baha or are they the forged and misinterpreted teachings?
  • UHJ claims to have made a global plan to attract more seekers (basically found new converts), is this a plan only on paper or will actually be implemented. Because there is no significant increase in the number of Baha’is globally.
  • I won’t shy away from saying that the Ruhi institute is just another flop show by the administration.
  • When UHJ writes a letter to the ‘Continental Board of Counsellors’ (3rd Jan 22), they show regret for cancelling the meeting that was supposed to happen in Haifa due to geopolitical reasons. However, when they write letter to the Baha’is very next day (4th Jan 22) they mention that ‘the continental counsellors are present in Holy Land for the meeting and it is the 6th and final day of the conference.’
  • The UHJ has a track record of not responding to queries raised by us (Free Baha’is) on the illegitimacy of the Will and Testament of Abdu’l Baha, the atrocities of Shoghi Effendi and the basis of their suffocating administrative control.
  • The UHJ in reality is only enjoying on the funds, especially Huququllah that they get which is not even their legitimate right. Similar to Shoghi, they are stealing from the innocent Baha’is.
  • The UHJ boasts about the fact that they have erected the last of the Continent House of Worship i.e. the House of Worship in Chile. Can they say what they have done for the poor Baha’is living in Chile?
  • UHJ states that further plans are being made to establish the house of worship at national and local levels. Are they really planning to do so or it is just another attempt to collect the money from Baha’is for their personal enjoyment in Haifa?
  • The UHJ should give an account of the amount they have collected from the Baha’is and the amount actually spent towards the Cause. The UHJ is accountable for it and should definitely give an account for the same.
  • In the Ridwan 2022 letter to the Baha’i world, the UHJ very clearly lied by saying ‘As we know well and are reassured that… the followers of Baha’u’llah are committed to offering relief and support to those around them, no matter how straitened their own circumstances.’ What relief has the administration offered to others and what support has been provided? Leave alone the general people, the Baha’is themselves have not been provided any relief or support by the UHJ.
  • In the letter to the Baha’i world dt. 24th May 2022, the UHJ very proudly mentioned that 700 Baha’is from 169 countries have come forward to pioneer. Who has this list of 700 pioneers? They are from which location? Who is funding them? As usual, these are just mere numbers, in reality the Baha’is are pissed off with the way they are being treated and pressurised by the administration.
  • There are many Baha’is who are even scared today to speak out as they are scared that they will be removed from the faith by being pronounced as covenant breakers.

The Baha’i administration is very cleverly playing with the emotions of the innocent Baha’is by showing them a very colourful portrait which has no reality. When time comes there is no one to stand beside the Baha’is who are persecuted or mistreated.

The UHJ is just using persecution as a tool to raise hue and cry in the United Nations but is not doing anything to actually save the Baha’is, or give them refuge.

A reality check needs to be done by each and every Baha’i and they should do a thorough research of history and faith in order to understand the plotting that has happened after the death of the Master.


Jonas S.

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