The (Lip) Service of the Baha’i Administration at the time of the Covid-19 crises

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Today, Humanity is at a critical juncture faced with the unprecedented and unexpected calamity in the form of the Covid-19 Pandemic. In the face of this crisis, Nations, Organisations, communities and even individuals are engaged in selfless service trying to help their fellow human beings’ tide over the devastating effects of this pandemic. Nations are rising over past rivalries and animosities, and people are rising over racism and xenophobia to help each other.

However, in the face of all of this, the “Baha’i Administration” is doing, as usual, NOTHING MEANINGFUL. The “Administration”, as always, in this time of crisis is bent on paying lip service and nothing more. This way of dumb and mute service is the innate nature of the “Baha’i Administration” and is in perfect alignment with the past set precedents of service of the “Administration”.

Allow me to enumerate the various “Powerful” (read: self-serving and futile; Lip Service) steps which the “Administration” will take at this time of crisis

  1. The various secretaries of the Local Spiritual Assemblies will write flowery reports, elaborating in detail each small action done by the individual Baha’is (branded as the LSA’s effort) while exaggerating the same to appear as a humungous effort on part of the LSA. This is while in reality the individual Baha’is themselves are encouraged to do good not for humanity but for LSA reports where each activity in counted. One LSA report states about their dilemma where the Baha’is are asking them for guidance as to how they should serve the community during these dire times! As if any sane person needs guidance on that!!!

The Secretaries of the LSA’s know very well that promotion in the Baha’i administrative order is very much tied to one’s capacity at writing attractive reports.

  • The National Spiritual Assemblies will then collect all of these puff pieces to assemble a massive report which will be nothing but a whole lot of blarney. All NSA’s are supposed to be masters in exaggerating the already exaggerated. The reality here is that the re-election of all of these “serving” members of LSA and NSAs depends on these rubbish reports and exaggerations. The secretary of the NSAs will then forwards these reports to the world centre which will then generate a very holy sounding poetic statement which would sound something like this: –

“In city after city, village after village, we see that a greater consciousness of our common humanity is emerging among many people. This is spurring them on to help others and to transcend traditional barriers and prejudices that keep them apart. The Baha’i communities together with local organizations and institutions are raising awareness about the corona virus disease (COVID-19).”

  • The next step in their self-serving Lip Service at this time of crisis would be to send out correspondences to figures of authority in various countries (like the office of the Prime Minister etc). This work comes under the purview of the External Affairs Committee of the NSA and is the most important assignment for all of the NSAs worldwide. In these letters/correspondences the NSAs will express their sympathies and solidarity with the government in this crisis while emphasising that they are all obeying the respective directives given by the said government but without ever explicitly specifying how “they” are going to help.

Because in reality they have no intention of helping and the purpose of sending such a letter is much more sinister. What they in fact desire is a response (which is usually issued to all organisations which write to these august offices) from these figures in authority thanking them for their sympathies which will then be used by the administration to publicise their “Achievement”  worldwide – That the Bahai’s have received welcoming and appreciating letters from Heads of States – As if the religion of Baha’u’llah needs validation from them.

While not always, often it has also been seen that a whisper campaign is then started to spread malicious news that such and such head of state is now a Baha’i and is hiding his true beliefs fearing public repercussion – proof of which is a polite letter of thanks written by them (simply audacious)

  • The NSAs will then start asking for money from the ordinary Baha’is (whom they fondly refer to as sheep) and from other organisations. Of these monies a very small percentage actually makes its way to relief activities (and the NSAs feel no need to publish statistics regarding how many cents to a dollar is actually spent towards relief activities)  but not before the “Administration” will very shamefully make it into a photo-op, usually with Government officials involved , for worldwide circulation, to show acceptance of the Baha’i faith. 
  • And Lastly there is section of the “Administration” called as the Kamalabadi Baha’is who will take great pride in labelling this occasion of misfortune as the revenge of Baha’u’llah on Humanity. They will in fact label all that befalls humanity as the revenge of Baha’u’llah since Humanity has not accepted the message of Baha’u’llah, in their sordid thinking, it is then necessary for Baha’u’llah to take revenge from humanity by involving it in harsh punishments.

This kind of thinking originates from a mind which has suffered years of spiritual rot at the hands of the Administration. Such statements of hate and acting like spokespersons for Baha’u’llah comes naturally to them since they have for long left the true teachings of Baha’u’llah and have adopted false ideas, false systems and false “Administrations” as authorities over them.

I believe that it is the moral responsibility of all true Baha’is to condemn these Kamalabadi Baha’is who find solace in the Misfortune of others (including the many Baha’i who have been affected by this).

Alas, But in these times of tribulations and crisis, it seems that the chosen ones of Baha’u’llah, us Baha’is appear to be the most lost all because of this false “Administration” which does service only when it is self-service and helps only when it needs help in return. And all of this grand charade of service (Lip Service) by the “Administration” at the time of crises is only a means of marking their presence and safeguarding their relevance in our society.

Thank you.

A pained Baha’i



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