Is UHJ interested in having more Martyrs from Iran!?

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The Baha’is of the World

Allahu Abha!

In a very recent incidence as mentioned by UHJ in letter dated 7 April 2014 that an Iranian senior cleric has presented to the Baha’is of the world, an exquisite calligraphic prepared by him of a passage in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas wherein Baha’u’llah calls upon His followers to:


“Consort with all religions with amity and concord, that they may inhale from you the sweet fragrance of God.” 


Ayatollah Abdol-Hamid Masoumi-Tehrani

The letter requested the Baha’is to contact their Office of External Affairs to take immediate steps, in consultation with individuals and like-minded organizations, to draw widespread attention to it. The Office of External Affairs was also to call upon its contacts in the mass media, as well as Baha’is and others with whom it has established relationships and who have achieved distinction in such fields. The letter assured the Baha’is that alongside the foregoing action, the Baha’i International Community, will be apprising its contacts at the United Nations and among international non-governmental agencies of the significance of this gift. The UHJ also hoped that The Brussels Office of the Baha’i International Community will, in addition, pursue related action at the level of the European Union.

Surprisingly the letter further states that “Given the considerable risk to the personal freedom and safety of Ayatollah Masoumi-Tehrani on account of this courageous act, the fact that people of prominence in the political, religious, and civil spheres express their support publicly, may well serve as a protection for him. Your Office of External Affairs may consider making approaches to some of its high-level contacts in government and elsewhere on this matter, on a confidential basis.”

I have been a member of NSA of an Eastern country for almost twenty years and since then every month I see a Message from House asking the Baha’is to meet the prominent people or government officials or writing open letters to Iranian leaders. It surprises me that what is the purpose of this. It looks like the UHJ has no concern with the teachings of Baha’u’llah and its just involved in political matters. And then claims that Baha’is do not indulge in politics.

The recent letter of the UHJ has many unexplained points:

  1. Even if the said cleric has gifted his calligraphy to the Baha’is, then it is a gesture. Why the Government of Iran should eliminate him and moreover in which way the governments of other countries are concerned with it. Isn’t the UHJ itself is suggesting the government of Iran to take some action against the cleric? It looks like the UHJ is playing a part of clever enemy and not a good friend for the cleric in spite of his gesture. UHJ by this way is really putting the life of the said cleric in danger. UHJ is not trying to PROTECT the cleric they want to further EXPOSE the cleric to the Iranian authority.
  2. The UHJ is trying to make this incidence as an excuse of meeting various governments’ officials and influential people. I guess that the Baha’is must have informed and UHJ must have realized that the Government officials of various countries are no more interested in meeting them and are refusing to give any hearing to Baha’is. The declining support of countries towards various motion tabled by western countries on human right issue is an indication towards it.
  3. My Persian Baha’i friends who echoed same sentiments regarding this letter believed that this recent incident is fake, the Website is fake and it is operated from outside Iran. He said that this will put further restrictions on Baha’is and Baha’i Faith. He narrated a recent incident that a couple of months back there was a news originated from some corners that an Iranian Mollah has praised Baha’i Faith on Iranian TV. He said that we investigated the matter and found that the whole news is fictitious. When he talked to other Baha’is they were of the opinion that Baha’is themselves are putting these fake news on internet to get some publicity for them and putting their own Baha’i brothers under more problems. He further said UHJ is interested in having more Martyrs from Iran.
  4. A Persian Baha’i recently informed me that he has come to certain conclusion that it was only UHJ who was interested in death sentence for Yaran so they could easily gather money from the Baha’is of the World. But the Iranian government acted smartly and waved off their death sentence and destroyed the Party of UHJ.
  5. Never UHJ has taken some concrete steps to help the Baha’is of Iran. Whatever steps they took resulted in increased persecution of Baha’is.
  6. Same policy UHJ has followed in other countries resulting in imprisonment of Baha’is in Indonesia, deportation in Uzbekistan arrest in India. The list is endless.
  7. Isn’t it is the responsibility of parent body to see that if the situation is not favourable in some parts of the world to ask Baha’is to slow down their activities till the situation turns favourable but always the Messages of the House and directives of the counsellors are “Go to Court” , “Go to police”, register a complaint. Even a layman will understand that UHJ is interested in blowing the situation out of control so as to gain some benefit and in return Baha’is are put to more harassment, in the name of reforming and transformation of the society. Really, is the Blood of Baha’is become so cheap!??
  8. He was very apprehensive of certain Iranian members of the UHJ whom he thinks are misguiding the UHJ and probably they are more close to Iranian Government then the teachings of Baha’u’llah. Instead of taking inspirations from the writings of Baha’u’llah they are being directed by friends of Iranian regime on regular basis.
  9. The problem of the Baha’i world are Persian Baha’is. They make a group, they decide amongst themselves they dictate terms, they humiliate non-Persian Baha’is in every country, make mockery of them and all of them are interconnected to each other. If this tendency went unchecked then very soon we will see all nine members of UHJ as Persians. We will see an Iranian flag over UHJ and the same Ayatollah leading Friday prayers in Haifa.

Free Baha’is of Singapore

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